ETNZ launch brand new AC45


Emirates Team New Zealand have launched their brand new AC45 Development Boat in Auckland today.

“The construction took a team of builders 35,000 man hours to construct and was completed in-house at the Emirates Team New Zealand base. Construction Manager Sean Regan says, “This is certainly the most complicated boat we have ever built.

“The amount of detail and systems that go into the construction of this boat is astonishing. This has been a huge effort by our guys in the shed to create such an amazing piece of machinery, and of course the designers who have been pushing the design throughout the construction process.”

Emirates Team New Zealand CEO Grant Dalton says of the boat, “Until this point the team has been working extremely hard under the radar from our container base tucked away in Wynyard Quarter, so for me and the team, the most exciting thing is that after all this time, since 2013, the people of New Zealand can now see the fruits of our labour flying around the waterfront.

“You can’t miss the boat, and I am sure some of the speeds which we estimate it will be reaching will be nothing short of astonishing for people to see. This boat makes the AC72 from San Francisco look like a dinosaur.”

The boat, known simply as Emirates Team New Zealand, will be used as the main test and development platform to help the team make decisions about the race yacht that will be launched in 2017 for the America’s Cup.” – via 



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