Southern X Racing (YTP) defending China Cup


Southern X Racing are a relative unknown team from Auckland, but in China, they are the defending champions in the FarEast 28R division at the China Cup, and they are ready to take on the event to win back to back titles.

Southern X Racing is made up of Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron Youth Program Sailors who are starting to branch out from the “program” and find their own way within the highly competitive world of professional sailing. Having international experience at events like the China Cup, is sure to help them on their way.

Led by Matt Kelly, an 18 year old student with plenty of miles under his sailing belt, has rallied around to find the funds to get him and his four crew all the way to China. It’s not a cheap task, but they are committed to making a name for themselves and to make a career out of sailing.

The team is:
Matthew Kelly (18yrs) – Helm
Alexander Dyet (23yrs) – Main/ Tactics
Celia Willison (17yrs) – Pitman
Jacob Willis (21yrs) Trimmer
James Delegat (17yrs) – Bowman

Before they board their flight to China, Matt, along with Celia and Jacob, will race on different yachts in the PIC Coastal Classic. Matt is on Awen, Jacob on Ran Tan II and Celia is on the highly photographed YD37 Anarchy.

Story Credit: LiveSailDie 


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