Day three of the NESPRESSO Youth International Match Racing Cup ended with the completion of the round robin and quarter finals with the sun coming out and the wind finally turning up after lunch.

First to qualify for the quarter finals was Will Boulden (RFBYC/Alpha Racing) with his crew of Alex Negri, James Farquharson and local RNZYS YTP member Josh Wijohn. Boulden finished the round robin with 10 wins and 2 losses. The losses came from William Eastman (RPNYC) and Malcolm Parker (RPNYC). Boulden chose to race Thomas Grimes (CYCA) in the quarters and won 2 – 0. “We’ve had a good regatta so far, taking only two losses due to silly mistakes, which we learnt from and took forward with us.” – Boulden

There was a three way tie for second place with 9 wins 3 losses, between Malcolm Parker, William Eastman & Matthew Hughes. Hughes (RNZYS) qualified in second, choosing to race Nick Rozenauers (RSYS) and winning 2 – 0. “We had a good day on the water finishing off the round robin in 2nd place. We chose to race against Nick Rozenauers from Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron who proved to be a challenging opposition but we managed to scrape away with 2 wins” – Hughes

Malcolm Parker (RPAYC) qualified in 3rd place and chose to race Frankie Dair (KKCC) winning his match 2 – 0. “Today was more challenging losing two crew to illness, having to source local RNZYS YTP graduate Logan Andresen to sail with us. Frankie Dair was an extremely tough competitor and we’re really looking forward to seeing more of him at future regatta’s.” – Parker

Qualifying in 4th is William Eastman (RPNYC) who also had a crew change today. Eastman sailed against Tom Picot (CNC) in the quarter finals for the second year in a row, Eastman managing to take the win 2 – 1. “The new team worked really well together, and we are happy with the results. I sailed Tom (Picot) in the quarters last year as well, he’s a great sailor and great competition.”- Eastman.

Overall, it was a long day for both sailors and race committee, returning after 7pm, but Race Officer Colin Lucas was extremely pleased to have caught up on the programme. Tomorrow will see the semi-finals and finals take place.


Points Table

Quarter Finals

Will Boulden                 2 Wins / 2 sailed

Malcolm Parker           2 / 2

Matt Hughes                2 / 2

Will Eastman                2 / 3

Tom Picot                     1 / 3

Frankie Dair                 0 / 2

Tom Grimes                  0 / 2

Nick Rozenauers          0 / 2


Round Robin

Will Boulden                 RFBYC / Alpha Racing       10 wins / 12 sailed

Malcolm Parker           RPAYC                                      9 / 12

Matthew Hughes         RNZYS                                      6 / 12

Will Eastman                RPNYC                                     6 / 12

Tom Picot                     CNC                                            7 / 12

Frankie Dair                 KKCC                                        7 / 12

Thomas Grimes CYCA                                                  6 / 12

Nick Rozenauers          RSYS                                         5 / 12

Celia Willison               RNZYS                                      5 / 12

Sarah Parker                RPAYC                                     4 / 12

James Jennings           RNZYS                                     3 / 12

Zoe Bennett                 RPNYC                                     3 / 12

Henry Wilson                MBYC/WBHS                       1 / 12


Tomorrow there will be prime viewing and live commentary of the finals from the RNZYS members bar.

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