Sir Peter Blake’s Yacht Tara (Seamaster) returns to NZ

Sir Peter Blake’s iconic exploratory vessel Tara is returning back to New Zealand for the first time and the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron and The Sir Peter Blake Trust will be there to welcome her into the Harbour.

Tara, which is an aluminium schooner, will sail into the harbour at 12pm on Saturday July 1st and there is a planned flotilla organised to welcome her back, including another iconic vessel that Sir Peter Blake made famous – Steinlager II.

RNZYS would like to invite and encourage all Members to join the flotilla on the water and ensure that she gets the welcome she deserves.

The French vessel, Tara, is returning to New Zealand for the first time since the death of Kiwi yachtsman, environmentalist and hero, Sir Peter Blake. Tara was originally Seamaster, Sir Peter’s yacht, and has a special place in the hearts of New Zealanders. Tara is halfway through a two-year oceanographic voyage studying coral reefs in the Pacific Ocean.

Upon her return, Tara will open its door to the public from 1 to 9 July with crew on board to share knowledge and understanding of the scientific work Tara conducts with a focus on the ocean. Adjacent to Tara there will be an associated exhibition housed in containers, so everyone will be able to get a great understanding of the fantastic work that this vessel has, and still does achieve around the world.

If you would like more information on this please contact: Jacob Anderson

We look forward to seeing a great show of members take to the water on the 1st of July and also look forward to seeing this very special vessel return to the city of sails.

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