RNZYS Women’s Keelboat National Championships this weekend

This weekend 11 teams of New Zealand’s best female keelboat sailors will go head to head at the 2018 RNZYS Women’s Keelboat National Championships.

Teams will do battle across two days of Windward Leeward racing on the water off Northern Leading (near Bean Rock), in Farr MRX yachts. The teams will race in up to 6 races per day on Saturday and Sunday. Racing will begin at 1025am on Saturday & Sunday.

Previous winners of the event Melinda Henshaw and Karleen Dixon are both back for another crack and will be looking to add another title to their resume, but with a large high caliber lineup of female competitors it could be anyone’s title to take home.

The skippers lineup includes:

  1. Melinda Henshaw  
  2. Meridy Boyd-Clarke 
  3. Lisa Knapton
  4. Sarah Reynolds
  5. Karleen Dixon
  6. Fiona Ryder
  7. Kelsey Muir
  8. Parizad Dantra
  9. Jolene Sugden
  10. Margurite Delbet 
  11. Sally Garett

The weather is looking good for the weekend so take your boat out and support this superb fleet of female sailors and enjoy all the action as we look to crown the 2018 RNZYS Womens Keelboat National Champions!

LIVE Results can be found HERE

More information on the Womens National Keelboat Championships HERE


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