Tasman Kayaker Edges Closer to New Zealand – Time to clean the Kayak

Tasman Kayaker Scott Donaldson is slowly getting closer to the coast of New Zealand, now roughly 750km off Cape Reinga, meaning he has paddled 250km in the past week.

Donaldson’s wife Sarah speaks with the adventurer about once a week via satellite phone and says her husband is in good spirits.

“I spoke to Scott a couple of days ago and he said he had had a hard week – trying to make progress battling the winds and currents. This current weather pattern is much more favourable and will help him along,” said Mrs Donaldson.

Donaldson’s weather today at his current position sees a north-west wind at an average of 15 knots, with an average wave height of three metres. Rain is also forecast for most of the day.

Despite his brush with a curious 2.5m shark last week, Donaldson has had to get out of his Kayak and clean off the growing marine life from the underside of the craft.

Due to the slow speed of a kayak in the ocean environment, sealife build up on the underside of the hull is an issue for Donaldson. He will have to get out of his kayak up to three times on his trip to clean off growing barnacles and other marine life from the underside. Such marine growth provides more resisentence and will make his progress slower.

“He is staying healthy and mentally alert and got out of the boat to check the underside. No sharks this time!”

Though he is edging closer to Cape Reinga, making landfall on the Taranaki coast is still the goal.

“We have regular discussions with Bob McDavitt our weather guru about the best route, at the moment, Taranaki still remains the best bet. It’s where the wind and tides will take him.”

With his Trans-Tasman Kayak attempt, Donaldson is raising funds for Asthma research. Donaldson himself is an Asthma sufferer.

Donations can be made via Givealittle.

Follow Scott Donaldson’s progress via the website http://tasmankayak.com/




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