Why you should do the RNZYS Foiling Camp – Interview with 2017 Foiling Camp student Emma Stenhouse

Had you done any foiling before you did the foiling camp?

Yes I had done a bit of foiling because I own a wasp, but I was still a beginner so I would have called myself an entry level foiler going into the camp. Although I understood all the physics of how a foiling boat works, I certainly hadn’t got to an expert level yet.

 Did the Foiling Camp get you to an expert level in foiling?

Yeah I definitely felt a lot more confident after being in the camp, especially when I went back into my own foiling boat. I found that I knew a lot more about the way that foiling boats work, how to sail them better, and I also just felt a lot more confident in my abilities.

What was the best part of the foiling camp?

Well there were a lot! Going up to Kawau Island for the first couple of weeks was really fun. I reckon the best part was just the endless amounts of sailing that we got to do. I think we had nearly four weeks in the camp, and we only had two days off the water in all of that so the amount of sailing that we got to do was awesome.

Another thing was the great coaches we had, being able to have Chris Steele, Graeme Sutherland, Logan Dunning Beck and all the others that helped out with the camp. Being able to have all of them within that short time frame was really great and I learnt a lot from them.

What was the most important thing that you picked up on during the camp?

Something that really opened my eyes were the different pathways that you can get into in sailing. Heading into the foiling camp I was looking at Nacra 17’s and FX and those sort of pathways, and what I realized after doing the camp was that there’s not just fleet racing and there’s not just match racing – there’s lots of different opportunities out there and it’s just where you want to take it and how far you take them.

Would you recommend the foiling camp to young sailors out there who want to get into foiling?


The 2018-19 RNZYS International Foiling Camp will run from the 16th of December 2018 to the 12th of January 2019 at Kawau Island and the RNZYS.

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