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New Zealand Match Racing Championships
13th - 17th November 2013

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Minoprio is crowned the NZ Match Racing Champion for 2013.
Following a frustrating day, racing finally got underway at 3:30pm this afternoon. There was no time for Semi Finals and the RM team went straight to a First to TWO Points final series.
In the Majors Minoprio and Murdoch were on one point each meaning sudden death. Minoprio took the first match by 16 seconds but in the second Minoprio carried a penalty and couldn't clear it allowing Murdoch a win. In the third match Minoprio had a lead Murdoch couldn't catch.
In the Petite Finals Gunwoo Park carried a penalty in the start, however Dave Hazard hit the top mark on the second rounding. Park also won the second match meaning he is crowned third ahead of Hazard. Congratulations to all competitors!



Adam Minoprio - 11 / 2
Andrew Murdoch - 11 / 2
David Hazard - 10 / 3
Gunwoo Park - 10 / 3
Chris Steele - 9 / 4
David Chapman - 8 / 5
Peter Waring - 7 / 6
Tim Coltman - 7 / 6
Chris Staub - 5 / 8
Justin Liu - 3 / 10
Susannah Pyatt - 3 / 10
Tugdual Piriou - 3 / 10
Claudia Pierce - 2 / 11
Alan Quere - 2 / 11

2013 VIDEO FINALS DAY 17TH Nov 2013

2013 VIDEO DAY 3 16th Nov 2013 -



Official Documents

Notice of Race

NOR Amendment One
Sailing Instructions

2013 Entry and Ranking List Here

Round Robin 1 schedule


Round Robin Win/Loss Table Here

Finals Win / Loss Table Here



Flight Three Major Final
Minoprio beat Murdoch 32s

Flight Two Major Final
Murdoch beat Minoprio 7s

Flight One Major Final
Minoprio beat Murdoch 16s

Flight Two Petite Final
Park beat Hazard 6s

Flight One Petite Final
Park beat Hazard 31s


Honours Board

New Zealand Match Racing Championships Honours Board

For further information please contact:

Melanie Benton

Phone: (09)360-6809
Fax: (09)360-6802


2012 VIDEO video link of the finals from Argentina MarineMedia.

2012 Results here

2012 VIDEO video link from Argentina MarineMedia.



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