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2015 Winners Melinda Henshaw (Skipper) with crew Wendy Faulkner, Celia Sneddon, Linda Rae, Helen Evens, Joy Adams and Fiona Ryder 


2nd Team Dixie with Karleen Dixon (Skipper), Jenny Egnot, Sara Tucker, Rebecca Hornell, Bridgett Suckling Keryn McMaster and Julie Kidman

3rd Team Powrie with Miranda Powrie (Skipper) Jenna Hensen, Carla Holgate, Steff Williams, Hanna Heilkema, Jaquie Bell, Nichola Trudgeon

New Zealand Women's Keelboat Championships
2nd-3rd April 2016.
Entry Form HERE
2015 Placings

Melinda Henshaw - RNZYS
Karleen Dixon - RNZYS
Miranda Powrie - RNZYS
Sarah Macky-Dunn - Pupuke Boating Club
Margaret Neeson - Royal Brighton Yacht Club Australia

Results HERE

Congratulations to Melinda Henshaw, Joy Adams, Wendy Faulkner, Linda Rae, Celia Snedden, Helen Evans, and Fiona Ryder winners of the 2015 NZ Women's Keelboat National Championship with 11 points! It was a tough regatta with only three points separating first from third. In second Place the 2013 National Champ Karleen Dixon with Jenny Egnot, Sara Tucker, Rebecca Hornell, Bridgette Suckling, Keryn McMaster and Julie Kidman were on 12 points with 2 firsts, 2 seconds and 2 thirds dropping a 4th as well as Henshaw and Miranda Powrie. Miranda and her crew will be dissapointed after being top of the table yesterday! Powrie and crew are third on 13 points. Winning the final race of the regatta was Sam Macky-Dunn, who only then managed to get into the top three. Sam and her crew of Briar Macky, Merran Walbridge-Perrow, Sarah Ell, Anna Molloy and Robin Marsh will be stoked to have the 1st... Finally! It was a dissapointing regatta for the Australians - Margaret Neeson and crew Margaret Rowe, Luise Cotter, Tracey and Veronica DePoi Sue Neales and Chelsea Taylor who have travelled from the Royal Brighton Yacht Club in Melbourne to compete. We enjoyed having them as part of the regatta and hope they have happy memories, made some new friends and enjoyed the racing!

Well done to all our great crews!



Honours Board

2015 Melinda Henshaw

2014 Kylie Jameson
2013 Karleen Dixon
2012 Samantha Osborne
2011 Leslie Egnot
2009 Jess Smyth
2008 Jan Dawson
2007 Jan Dawson
2006 Karleen Dixon
2003 Karleen Dixon
2002 Amber West
2001 Teresa Borrell
2000 Amy Waring
1999 Sharon Ferris
1998 Kylie Hogg
1997 Kylie Hogg
1996 Amy Waring
1995 Amy Waring
1994 Amy Waring
1993 Colleen Bassett
1991 Leslie Egnot
1990 Leslie Egnot

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Georgia Derrick

Please call Tom Macky of
MRX Yachting if you have any queries
on 021 679 125


Phone: (09)360-6809
Fax: (09)360-6802


Sam Macky-Dunn (Skipper) with Briar Macky, Merran Walbridge-Perrow, Sarah Ell, Sarah Reynolds, Anna Molloy and Robin Marsh

And the Australians! Helmed by Margaret Neeson with Margaret Rowe, Louise Cotter, Tracey De Poi, Veronica De Poi, Sue Neales and Chelsey Taylor from Royal Brighton Yacht Club. Thank you so much for coming and competing with us!


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