A selection of exclusive Recipes from our Head Chef Leigh Lambert


This month I am featuring crayfish for the festive season perfectly matched with Mumm Champagne.
Enjoy your Holidays!

Poached crayfish, seared scallops, shrimps, tiger prawns in Thai curry sauce with coconut rice, purple asparagus & grapes

Wine match: Mumm Champagne

Recipe serves two

Thai red curry sauce
Coconut rice
Tiger prawns
Purple asparagus (green asparagus ok)
Red grapes (seedless)
Micro rocket
Snow peas

Recipes, methods & preparations
Preparing the crayfish
One crayfish
100g celery finely chopped
100g white onion finely chopped
2 bay leaves ripped in half
100g leeks finely diced
Half fill a medium pot with cold water and add the celery, onion, bay leaf and leeks. Bring to the boil and turn down to simmer. Place the crayfish into the pot for 5-7 minutes depending on the size of the crayfish and then take out and put into iced water for 10minutes. Take out and dry. Cut in half lengthways. Remove the tail flesh carefully without breaking. Then remove and discard the digestive track and put meat into the fridge. Scrap out head and place into the fridge with the tail shells until later.
Thai curry sauce
56g sliced shallot
67g galangal sliced (you can use normal ginger if you wish)
147g thai red curry paste
963g coconut cream
358g cold water
89g palm sugar
74g lemongrass sliced finely
Place all of the above ingredients except the palm sugar into a pan and reduce until it coats the back of a spoon taking care to stir occasionally. Add the palm sugar to finish. Strain through a fine strainer and place to one side until you assemble the dish at the end.
Coconut rice
Jasmine rice
Shredded coconut
For best results cook the rice in a rice cooker. When ready take out and place into a metal bowl and mix with a wooden spoon until rice starts to break down. Shape into small rectangles and place a skewer in one end. Lightly roll in shredded coconut and then you can colour slightly in a pan to toast the coconut on the outside. You should do this step last when you are ready to eat so the rice is at its freshest.
Garnishes to finish
4 spears of sliced purple asparagus (save the tops)
12 red grapes (seedless)
1 finely sliced red chilli (no seeds)
10g micro rocket
10g snow pea shoots

Crayfish shell from the tail and the head
Deep fry your head and tail shell for 30 seconds then lay on tissue paper to absorb any oil. (This makes for a shiny finish; not essential)
Remove the woody base of the asparagus and cut off the tips. Thinly slice the rest so that they are circle shapes.

Scallops, shrimps & tiger prawns preparation
Peel you prawns and de-vain
Shrimp tails
Trim the small mussel from the scallop
Season all and pan fry in butter just before serving
To finish & assemble
Place the crayfish tails into the sauce and heat gently on the stove until warm through. While you are doing this you can finish your rice and pan fry your scallops, shrimps and prawns. While your scallops shrimps and prawns are resting add your asparagus & grapes to the sauce to warm through slightly.
Place your half tail shell and your half head shell onto your plate and insert the tail from the sauce into the opposite sides of the tail as to give the appearance it is a whole tail. Spoon sauce onto the plate and add your scallops, shrimps and prawns. Finish with your rocket and snow peas then all you have to do is place your rice skewers on and sprinkle with the finely chopped red chilli and you are done.

Open the champagne and enjoy!