(Pictured: Royal Northern & Clyde Yacht Club, Scotland)

Royal Thames Yacht Club, London (Residential)

The Little Ship Club, London (Residential)

The Naval Club, London (Residential)

The Royal Naval Club & Royal Albert Yacht Club, Portsmouth (Residential)

Naval & Military Club, London (Residential)

Royal Southern Yacht Club, Hamble, Hampshire, United Kingdom

Royal Corinthian Yacht Club, Cowes

Royal Norfolk & Suffolk Yacht Club, Lowestoft

Royal Cornwall Yacht Club

Royal Solent Yacht Club, Isle of Wight

Royal Overseas League, London (Residential)

Royal Western Yacht Club, Plymouth

Island Sailing Club, Isle of Wight

Sea View Yacht Club, Cowes

Royal Southampton Yacht Club, Cowes

Royal Lymington Yacht Club, Lymington, England

Royal Northern and Clyde Yacht Club, Scotland

Royal Irish Yacht Club, County Dublin, Ireland

Royal Cork Yacht Club, Ireland

Southport Yacht Club, Queensland

Royal Perth Yacht Club, Perth, Australia

Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club, Perth, Australia

Royal South Australian Yacht Club, Adelaide, Australia

Cruising Yacht Club of Australia, Sydney

Royal Brighton Yacht Club, Victoria

Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron, Queensland

Sandringham Yacht Club, Victoria

Royal Yacht Club of Victoria

Fremantle Sailing Club, Perth, Western Australia

Cruising Yacht Club of South Australia

Annapolis Yacht Club, Maryland

Seattle Yacht Club, Washington

St. Francis Yacht Club, California

Waikiki Yacht Club, Honolulu, Hawaii

Royal Canadian Yacht Club, Toronto

Royal Vancouver Yacht Club, Vancouver, Canada

Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron, Nova Scotia

Royal Port Nicholson Yacht Club, Wellington

S.A.F. Singapore

Republic of Singapore Yacht Club, Singapore

Raffles Marina, Singapore

Royal Varuna Yacht Club, Pattaya, Thailand

Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club, Hong Kong

Yacht Club de Monaco, Principaility of Monaco

Royal Malta Yacht Club, Valletta, Malta

Norddeutscher Regatta Verein, Hamburg, Germany

Cruising Club of Switzerland, Bern, Switzerland

Cercle Nautique Calédonien (C.N.C), Noumea, New Caledonia

Royal Cape Yacht Club, Capetown, South Africa


 (Pictured: Royal Canadian Yacht Club)