150 Stories #4: Tales from the Ships Cat – Annies Wrath

In the 1980’s my late husband and I enjoyed sailing with our three young sons as squadron members in the family cruising races. One squadron race took us to Mansion House*, Kawau where fellow sailors gathered for a post-sail bbq.

Annie (late) and Pirie Neary were long-time friends of my husband and I and sailed ‘Jenanne’.  Annie being a kind-hearted soul, offered to look after the bbq for several families.

As more and more people came ashore the tantilising smell of the bbq attracted young ‘Emmy and Mullety’ sailors who – you guessed it – had plenty of beer but no food. 

When the smell of the bbq become too much for them, they made valiant attempts to charm and distract Annie with their chatter while sneakily reaching to grab some grub. But instead of a mouth-watering morsel, they received a fast and furious smacking from Annie’s egg slice. It was hilarious to watch.  As the hands kept coming Annie’s egg slice (an excellent aim) continued smacking any would-be thief.

Don’t you dare!  Go away! Smack, smack! – Annie’s voice rang around the bay. 

Annie successfully managed to protect our dinner and later we noticed a better system at play – a bottle of beer for a couple of sausages. 

When I asked Pirie, if could I tell the story he laughed so much it took him a wee while to answer. When he did, he said “She smacked my hand with that damned egg slice quite often too!”

*Back then the Elephant House had been removed and the restaurant/tearoom was not yet built.

Shared by Shirley-Ann McCrystal

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