150 Stories for 150 Years

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We’re creating a living history of club stories for our members – and future generations – to commemorate turning 150 next year!

We want our 150th Anniversary celebrations to recognise the achievements of our club and our members (past and present). We hope you’ll get involved through contributing a story to help us continue our great legacy.

“2021 and our 150th Anniversary is the perfect time to record our stories for future generations and really celebrate how far we’ve come. The passion of our sailors and members is something that continues to set us apart from other yacht clubs around the world as we aim to be ‘the world’s leading yacht club’,” says Colin Carran, Chair 150 Committee.

Our goal is to collect a minimum of 150 stories to display on our website to ensure we capture ‘our people stories’ and record our history for future generations. With our club’s history dating back to 1871 we have a lot to tell. Over the years your stories have been told, lost, recovered, re-told, no doubt sometimes told in secret, and always shared with loved ones, members and friends. These are the stories that make our club uniquely ours.

Perhaps your story is an intergenerational one or maybe it’s about overcoming the odds while at sea. Your story might involve growing up boating in the Hauraki Gulf  or adventuring offshore – perhaps your passion of being close to the ocean has inspired you to give back in some way.  Or the stories about recreational boating and cruising to regattas and competitive yachting, we know there will be plenty of these.

Your stories, and any related photographs, will help us create a legacy and ensure our younger members (and those visiting over 2021) can share in our outstanding heritage. If you’re providing a story, we will be in touch to let you know the timing and process around proofing and signing off your story. You can choose to have your name recorded or to be anonymous. 

Contributors will be invited to a special evening to celebrate the launch of the 150th Stories – imagine the conversations! Read more about our upcoming 150th Anniversary – latest news, events and special celebrations HERE

If you would like to be involved in the 150 stories project and have a story you would like to share, please email: mkhan@rnzys.org.nz

You can either send us your story, request an interview, or ask us to get in touch to discuss your story idea.

We look forward to hearing your story!

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