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The 2019 Youth World Match Racing Championships get underway today in Ekaterinburg, Russia.

Our RNZYS PP KNOTS Racing Team helmed by Nick Egnot-Johnson come into the event as favourites, with Egnot-Johnson holding the highest ranking out of the twelve skippers with his World Ranking of #11.

The rest of the field consists of:

  • Mons Holmberg – Sweden – World Ranking #21
  • Thomas Grimmes – Australia – World Ranking #23
  • Matthew Whitfield – Great Britain – World Ranking #27
  • Aurelien Pierroz – France – World Ranking #32
  • Rocco Attili – Italy – World Ranking #45
  • Jack Parkin – USA – World Ranking #68
  • Jeppe Borch – Denmark – World Ranking #70
  • Igor Tarasiuk – Poland – World Ranking #320
  • Kodai Mutsuda – Japan – World Ranking #1039
  • Jakub Halouzka – Czech Republic – World Ranking nil
  • Mark Abdrakipov – Russia – World Ranking nil

Ekaterinburg is 7 hours behind New Zealand, so with racing scheduled to begin at 10am local time each day it means racing will be starting at 5pm NZT.

Our RNZYS team consists of; Nick Egnot-Johnson (RNZYS PP KNOTS Racing), Taylor Balogh (RNZYS PP Pacific Racing Team), Celia Willison (RNZYS PP Edge Women’s Match) and Alastair Gifford (RNZYS PP KNOTS Racing).

Yesterday the teams had the opening ceremony for the event, and after a few days of training Taylor Balogh says he is keen to get into the racing –

“The opening ceremony was pretty interesting and it was great to mingle with all of the other teams at the event. We’ve had a few good days of training now and we’re pretty acclimatised to the conditions and time zone, so now we’re just keen to get stuck into some racing tomorrow.”

Racing will be held in Ricochet-747 keelboats –  view the notice of race and other regatta documents on the regatta website HERE

Results will also be posted via the regatta website HERE

Follow our Facebook page for results and updates from our team HERE

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