Keep your boat and the ocean clean this summer with Ecostore

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Ecostore share our common commitment to protect the waters that we sail upon everyday so we can all enjoy the endless beauty and adundance of the Hauraki Gulf for generations to come. 

Keep your boat, your family and your home clean and the Hauraki Gulf pristine this summer with ecostore’s range of environmentally friendly, ocean-safe products. No nasty chemicals. For a better tomorrow, together.

All RNZYS members are entitled to 15% off on all items purchased through our using the discount code “RNZYS”.

Have you tried ecostore’s boat wash yet?

It’s a great last minute Christmas gift for any sea-going ocean lover! 

It’s specifically formulated to remove salt and grime from all hard and soft surfaces – including fiberglass, vinyl, plastic, wood, rubber, glass and all painted and polished surfaces. Gentle on skin, and the plant and mineral-based formulaion rapidly biodegrades in marine enviroments, making it safer for you and safer for our ocean.

$1 from every bottle sold is donated to Live Ocean to support them in their endeavours to promote, protect and restore the waters and marine life of Aotearoa. 

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