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The New Zealand Match Racing National Championships takes place at RNZYS from 12th–16th October. 20 teams will compete in an initial qualifying round of fleet races, to seed for the match racing stages which follow.

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Fleet Races 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Σ
Chris Steele Chris Steele, NZL
Jeremy Koo Jeremy Koo, MAS
George Anyon George Anyon, NZL
Evan Walker Evan Walker, AUS
Mathew Hughes Mathew Hughes, NZL
Oakley Marsh Oakley Marsh, NZL
Alan Quere Alan Quere, FRA
Sam Meech Sam Meech, NZL
David Wood David Wood, NZL
Robert Hielkema Robert Hielkema, NZL
Patrick Haybittle Patrick Haybittle, NZL
Graeme Sutherland Graeme Sutherland, CAN
Celia Willison Celia Willison, NZL
Erica Dawson Erica Dawson, NZL
Frankie Dair Frankie Dair, USA
Henry Haslett Henry Haslett, NZL
Tom Fyfe Tom Fyfe, NZL
Matt Steven Matt Steven, NZL
David Chapman David Chapman, AUS
Brian Trubovich Brian Trubovich, NZL

Welcome to the New Zealand National Championships!

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