As sailors and members of RNZYS, our passion revolves around the water. We maintain a unique relationship between our sport, the club and the environment and feel strongly about the state of the seas and oceans.

The RNZYS is working towards improved ways to protect and conserve our marine environment. Pollution and global warming are key concerns. We will initiate practices that demonstrate our commitment and encourage ongoing efforts by members and staff of the RNZYS to reduce our impact on the environment.

The principles of this Environmental Sustainability Policy are:

1. We will reduce the use of products that create waste.

2. We will re-use, recycle or purchase from sustainable sources.

3. We will dispose of waste in the most environmentally-friendly way practicable.

4. We will be vigilant in ensuring that there is no litter around our facilities or the waterways we use.

5. We will promote environmentally friendly and sustainable practices to our membership.

6. We will set targets and measure our progress.

This Environmental Sustainability Policy applies across all of the club’s activities, including:

• Food and beverage

• Westhaven facilities

• Kawau facilities

• Sailing (club and major regattas)

• All club operations