Cruising Dinner

1st August – 6pm

Join us for a delicious dinner & mingle with fellow cruisers! Our guest speaker for the evening is Nicola Jeffery. Nicola will recount her family’s extended 3.5-year sailing journey, initially planned for 18 months but prolonged due to COVID-19.

Includes a 2 course meal and drink on arrival.


$65 member | $75 guest

Hear about life at sea with children, the educational opportunities that arose, and maintaining a connection with New Zealand throughout their travels. Nicola will share the best and toughest moments of their trip, offering a balanced look into the cruising lifestyle.

Learn how you too can stay connected to home on your adventures, and how to adapt to the challenges of navigating life at sea. Plus, hear about it from a young person’s perspective as Nicola’s sons Leo and Blake join her and husband Glen for a special Q&A.