Starling Match Racing Championship profile – Moss Hopkins

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With sailors from across New Zealand now able to travel to more regattas, the New Zealand sailing community are looking forward to a strong, competitive and hassle-free 2022. This year’s Tasman/Marlborough qualifier, Queen Charlotte Yacht Club’s Moss Hopkins, can’t wait to travel up to Auckland for the Starling National Match Racing Championships on the 19th and 20th of January.

“I first got into sailing when I was 7 because both my brothers were sailing and I was stuck on shore watching them” says Moss, “so I got a kayak and paddled the sailing courses but when my brothers would come back in they would tell everything about it and that made even more keen to start.

 “I asked the coach several times if I could do the Learn to Sail course but I was told to eat more Weetbix.”

“One time the coach put me in a boat and gave me instructions – I could do all the things as been watching everyone else, so I was allowed to do the next course and I fell in love from there”.

Although he is the youngest brother in a sailing family, Moss has consistently used that brotherly competitive spirit to make himself a better sailor. “I almost beat my brother last year to go to the Starling MRC last year!”

Moss has sailed Optimists, P-class , Starling’s and 420’s, with some experience on keelboats, with his favourite sailing memory being when he won my first race at an optimist ranking regatta in Auckland. He is also a former Optimist Development team member, and has taken part in a few national competitions across different classes.

“What I like about sailing is that you get to make lots of friends and when you go round the country for regattas – you can see them after a long time and it’s like nothing has changed”

Moss has been involved in racing just as long as he has been sailing, but has been sailing his Starling for a year and a half. “My favourite memory on a Starling is when I pitch-poled and went past the end of my mast and I had to swim after it as it was sailing away”

“Competing against your friends is fun, and we are all helping each other at the same time. I also like the team sailing. Competing with a team against the other boats is so different, but also so similar”

Moss has a deep love for anything to do with the water, to the point that while answering these questions he was offshore at his job on a fishing boat. He is also an avid spear fisherman and football player.

With his parents being involved in the Laser National’s at Queen Charlotte Yacht Club over the same week as the Starling Match Racing Championship, Moss is hugely grateful to Rory and the Sims family who are billeting him.

“I love the water, sailing and everything to do with it, and I will make the most of the opportunity next week to learn as much as possible.”

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