150 Story #8 – Appeasing Neptune by Glenda Moore

There are some wonderful and whimsical processes chronicled for re-naming a boat to avoid incurring the wrath of the Gods.

Some years ago we purchased our current boat, an unfinished project with an interesting history but a name that we didn’t like.  Easy solution…..change the name!  Well who’s a silly girl then?  Dire warnings of ill fortune and peril at sea came at us from all directions should we be hapless enough to proceed with our plan.

An old salt, wiry of eyebrow and rheumy of eye, advised that Neptune would be appeased with the name change if we could “find a maiden (no easy task) and get her to pee in the bilge.”

Scouring the countryside, we eventually found a maiden.  Yippee!  But would she pee in the bilge?  Not jolly likely!

As we had chosen a masculine name for the boat, and necessity being the mother of invention, we called upon our then 16-year-old son to confirm his virginal status before getting him to pee in the bilge.  A couple of celebratory bottles of champagne and the jobs all done.

I’m pleased to report that our yacht Jackson has been a particularly happy and contented ship ever since.

By Glenda Moore

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