Sailing Protests

Protest Form

Race CommitteeRedress requested for:
The Big Kahoonas
RAYC Gold Cup Race 22020/10/21Protest scheduled for 27/10/2020 Click Here
Race CommitteeRaging HormonesY88 Sprints Race 12020/10/08Protest Withdrawn Click Here
CarreraGeorgia OneWinter Series Race 92020/09/05Protest WithdrawnClick Here
19951998Winter Series Race 162020/09/051998 RetiredClick Here
WarringaRace CommitteeWinter Series Race 52020/07/11Protest Withdrawn
Race CommitteeRedress requested for:
MRX 1993
Panama Jack
Rum Race Autumn Series Race 72020/06/261993 is to be scored points in race 7 equal to the average, rounded to the nearest
tenth of a point (0.05 to be rounded upward) of her points in all the races she finished in
the series before race 7.
Panama Jack & Princess are given entries into a
future Rum Race
Click Here
ElliphunkJuniperRum Race Autumn Series Race 72020/06/26Juniper took the applicable penalty and is not further penalized Click Here
Race CommitteeThe Big Don’t Argue, Tequila,
Right Angle,
Ocean Express, Flyer, Go, Activator, Hysteria, Duty Free, Namu
Winter Series Race 32020/06/131469, 6747, 9777, 8928, 9189, 6476 & 6697 DSQClick Here
NamuPlaybuoyWinter Series Race 22020/05/30Protest withdrawn Click Here
MRX 1998MRX 1992, 1994, 1995, 1996Winter Series Race 12020/05/161992 DSQ
1994 Protest Dismissed
1996 & 1995 withdrawn
Click Here
PlaybuoyPsyche & NamuWinter Series Race 12020/05/16Request to reopen hearing denied
Protest dismissed
Click Here
Click Here
PlaybuoyPrince HalStewart 34 Champs Race 282020/03/16Protest dismissedClick Here
PlaybuoyPrince HalStewart 34 Champs Race 272020/03/16Playbuoy DSQClick Here
HarkenHydraulinkCM Wed Series Race 92020/03/11Hydraulink DSQClick Here
AchernarTrojan EagleClassic Yacht Regatta2020/03/07Achernar DSQClick Here
NomosPenuryCruising Series R52020/02/23Penury RET no further penalty appliedClick Here
Carpe Diem Requesting RedressCommodore's Cup Race 3 2020/02/15Redress Given to Carpe DiemClick Here
Simple MindsLorenzCM Wed Series Race 72020/02/12Simple Minds & Lorenz both DSQClick Here
PrincessPrecedentStewart 342019/11/18Princess Retired
Playbuoy 136Pahi 834Stewart 342019/11/18Protest dismissed
Playbuoy 136 Prince Hal 41Stewart 34 Championship2019/11/11Prince Hal DSQClick Here
StratocasterJuniperCommodore's Cup 2019/11/9Juniper Retired
Carpe Diem (Div F - C Heavy)Duty Free (Div F - C Heavy)CM Wed Series Race 32019/11/06Redress Given to Carpe DiemClick Here
Playbuoy (S34 A Div)Prince Hal (S34 A Div)Stewart 342019/11/4Prince Hal DSQClick Here
Ranger (Div K)Pacific Sundance (Div B)CM Wed Series Race 92019/09/07Protest Invalid
Ranger (Div K)High Octane (Div B)CM Wed Series Race 92019/09/07High Octane Retired
Ranger (Div K)E7 #5 (Div C Light)CM Wed Series Race 92019/09/07E7 Retired
Psyche (Div E)Elliphunk (Div E)Rum Race Winter Series Race 72019/08/16Elliphunk DSQClick Here
1991 (MRX) 1993 (MRX)CM Winter Series Race 122019/08/101993 DSQClick Here
Nomos (Div F - C Heavy)Precedent (Div F - C Heavy)CM Winter Series Race 72019/08/10Precedent DNF
RNZYS Etchells (Div C Light)Wasted Away (Div C Light)CM Winter Series Race 72019/08/10Redress Given to RNZYS EtchellsClick Here
Georgia (Div A)Race CommitteeCM Winter Series Race 62019/07/29Redress Denied rel="noopener" target="_blank">Click Here
Georgia One (Div A)Race CommitteeCM Winter Series Race 62019/07/29Redress Denied - Protest InvalidClick Here
Serena (RR Div B)Systems Thunder & Charmonet (RR Div B)Rum Race Winter Series Race 32019/07/19Serena DSQClick Here
Raging Hormones (Div C Light)Checkmate (Div E/Non Spinnaker)CM Winter Series Race 32019/06/15Protest Withdrawn
Mojo (Div B)Savante (Div B)CM Winter Series Race 32019/06/15Savante DSQ rel="noopener" target="_blank">Click Here
RNZYS Etchell (Div C Light)The Numbers Game (Div C Light) CM Winter Series Race 32019/06/15The Numbers Game Retired
Choice Transport (RR Div E) Hydraulink (RR Div E)Rum Race Autumn Series Race 102019/06/14Hydraulink DNF Click Here
1991 (MRX)1994 (MRX)CM Winter Series Race 22019/05/18Protest InvalidClick Here
Lion NZ (RR Div B)Hydraulink (RR Div E)Rum Race Autumn Series Race 62019/05/17Protest Withdrawn
Antsy (RR B Div)Fiction (RR B Div)Rum Race Spring Series Race 102018/12/14Fiction DSQClick Here
Phlyer (S34 B Div)Race CommitteeStewart 34 Champs Race 142018/12/10Redress GivenClick Here
Hard Labour (Div F - C Heavy)N/ACM Wed Series Race 42018/11/21Redress GivenClick Here
Prince Hal (S34 A Div)Race CommitteeStewart 34 Champs Race 32018/11/12Race AbandonedClick Here
Psyche & co. (S34 A Div)Race CommitteeStewart 34 Champs Race 32018/11/12Race AbandonedClick Here
Playbuoy  (S34 A Div)Race CommitteeStewart 34 Champs Race 32018/11/12Race AbandonedClick Here
Namu (Div F - C Heavy)Playbuoy (Div F - C Heavy)CM Wed Series Race 12018/10/10Playbuoy DSQClick Here