Race Documents & Courses 2020 – 2021

Addendum A
Harbour Courses

Addendum B
Cruising Courses

Addendum C
Commodores Cup Courses

Racing Buoys

RNZYS Standard SIS

RRS Appendix S


Amendment 1 to Addendum C  – HERE

Amendment 2 to Addendum C – HERE


Boats racing shall pass on the main channel side of the fairway marks listed below
1. Rangitoto Beacon
2. Iliomama Rock Beacon
3. Browns Island Beacon
4. Beacon on Emu Rock (off Motutapu)
5. Bean Rock Light and Doris Rock Beacon (approx. 25 metres north)
6. Red Buoys on eastern side of Motuihe Channel
7. Beacon on Sewer Outlet (Orakei)
8. Cable beacons east of Devonport Wharf
9. Green Sandspit marker stake (SW of Torpedo Wharf)
10. All moored vessels and moorings in or adjacent to the designated Small Craft mooring areas
shown on Chart NZ 5322.
11. The Okahu Bay wave break and all vessels and moorings in the Okahu Bay mooring area.
12. The harbour bridge main navigation span pylons.


Boats racing shall not sail in the prohibited racing areas listed below. These prohibited
racing areas are designated obstructions for the purposes of RRS 19 & 20.
1. The Westhaven Boat Harbour area defined by the line representing an extension of the
breakwater to the most northern point of Wynyard Point. (diagram A)
2. The Commercial Harbour area defined by straight line drawn between the most northern point
of Wynyard Point and the north western point of the Fergusson Terminal. (diagram B)
3. The Defence Area marked on the Chart NZ 5322 around the Naval Dock, Calliope Wharves,
Devonport (diagram C)