The RNZYS Foiling Programme

Welcome to the RNZYS Foiling Programme! Designed to swiftly introduce riders to the world of wing foiling through a structured curriculum developed by the renowned North Foiling Academy.

Course Overview:

The RNZYS Foiling Programme consists of 4 sessions, each lasting 2.5 hours. These sessions can be completed over two consecutive days or spread out across several weeks for flexibility. To prioritise safety and personalised instruction, we limit each course to a maximum of 3 riders.

Considering variable weather conditions, we schedule 5 sessions with the expectation that one may be rescheduled due to unsuitable weather.

The course is organised into 4 progressive steps, blending both water and land-based activities to develop the essential skills for wing foiling. These steps are adaptable to maximise learning opportunities based on prevailing conditions.

Throughout the 5 sessions, participants will receive no less than 10 hours of expert coaching. Our syllabus is meticulously designed to equip everyone with the foundational skills for foiling success!

Participants must be strong swimmers and confident in/on the water.

Registration opening soon!



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