Log your Spring miles on SailTies and win an America’s Cup sailing experience!

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RNZYS has partnered with SailTies and Explore Sailing to launch a Spring miles building competition.

It’s easy to take part in the Spring Miles competition:

1. Download SailTies app and create an account (free on iOS and Android)

2. Record your sailing on SailTies

3. Add your voyages the ‘RNZYS’ group and the ‘Explore Sailing Spring Miles’ event

4. The sailors with the most miles logged between now and December 31st will win an Americas Cup sailing experience.

Scroll down for detailed instructions.

What is SailTies?

SailTies is the app for capturing all your sailing in one place.

RNZYS recommends members try it as a great way to keep a record of your trips, build your sailing CV and share voyages with other members.

SailTies works offline & uses low battery. 

Please use the RNZYS download link to get started:

Detailed Instructions for joining the Spring Miles Competition

1. Download the free SailTies app from the App Store or Google Play Store.

2. Sign up with your email address. Create a profile.

3. Navigate to the ‘Groups’ tab to find the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron group. Add to your favourites. (This is available now on iOS and coming soon on Android).

4. Before your next sail, tap the ‘Track’ icon to open the map screen. Tap ‘Start’ to record and ‘Finish’ when you’re done.

Add a title, photos, a log and invite crew to your voyage.

5. Add your voyage to the RNZYS group. You will be prompted to add to the RNZYS Spring Miles event, do this too. (Adding to the event is available now on iOS and coming soon on Android).

Tap ‘Publish’ to finish! Your voyage is now entered to the event leaderboard and you can share it with friends and family.

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