Superyacht Support

Should you be considering coming to New Zealand with your Superyacht – Motoryacht or Sailyacht the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron – Home of the Americas Cup can assist you with all your requirements during your stay.

Berthage , Accommodation Ashore, Rental Cars, Local Knowledge, Visa’s and more…..

Contact our Yacht Agent for your every requirement duthie@catalanoshipping.com | Duthie Lidgard +6421409802

Superyacht Support Logistics FAQs

Do I need a Visa? 

How long can I stay in New Zealand?  We have a great immigration system; we even have a Specialty Visa specifically for Superyacht Crew/Owner/Guests and I can easily advise on nationality as to who needs a Visitor Visa and who doesn’t as many can come under a free 3month Visa Waiver every visit. Please do note that New Zealand has a new NZeTA system which highlights all who need one here.  Crew and Guests can easily stay for up to 12months with an extension process.

I’d like to book my travels and plan an itinerary

You’re in luck with our offices affiliated with Maori Tourism and NZ Tourism we can easily compile your total trip of a lifetime. Many services we access are the best in the country linking the ideal ship to shore itinerary. Lodges, Heli, Permits, Vineyards, Golf Courses and more.  Please reach out to begin discussions.

Can I ship containers ahead of the vessel’s arrival, can I ship spare parts and goods for the vessel prior to arrival?

The answer is yes and please sending the following labelled commercial invoices with the details

Yacht in Transit – *Yachtname*,
 C/- Catalano Shipping Services NZ
14 Hamer St, Freemans Bay 1011, Auckland, New Zealand.
Contact: Duthie Lidgard  +64 21 409 802

Can you Charter in New Zealand with your foreign registered Superyacht?

Yes, your Superyacht is able for Charter in New Zealand once a NZ Charter Permit is approved & received.  Under your vessels mixed-use Temporary Import (TIE) received on entry into New Zealand, you are allowed to Charter up to 65% of your stay in New Zealand Waters. Superyacht Support NZ team needs a minimum of 3 months to secure a Charter Licence for the Vessel so please make contact today as this process involves multiple parties. duthie@catalanoshipping.com

The Charter will incur 15% Tax on the Charter Fee, it is to be paid to our local Inland Revenue (IRD) which will we will handle/mange all accounting processes on your behalf for seamless support.

How do I promote my Superyacht for Charter around the Americas Cup in New Zealand?

Please have your management company or Captain contact us to discuss options, we will need to know size of vessel, how many people it can take and the period your planning to be in New Zealand.  There are processes we need to ensure the vessel is eligible to charter before it can be promoted within the RNZYS networks around the Americas Cup. We have corporate entities already on the RNZYS books seeking Charter Vessels for Prada and Americas Cup.

Does my vessel get Tax Exempt status?  

This is correct, all visiting Pleasure Vessels that arrive into New Zealand for tourism/cruising purposes will receive a multiuse Tax Exempt/Temporary Import Status allowing the vessel to undergo Maintenance and Purchase spare parts Tax Free saving a minimum of 15% local taxes.  Our agency handles directly with the Tax Department each month n your behalf and handles all billing to ensure all local taxes are removed where possible.  Golden rule – If the item is used or consumed in New Zealand tax must be paid, if the item goes onto the vessel and we can show it will depart with the vessel these are viewed as Tax Free.  Duty Free Fuel and Provisions are only available to be supplied within 72hrs of departure from New Zealand.

Can I bring my Pet to New Zealand? 

Absolutely, your pet does need to be in a Rabi Free country for minimum 6 months and tests do need to happen for pre-approval. Airport clearances for the Pet on arrival take minimum 10days.  Please note New Zealand does not differentiate between standard Pet and Certified emotional support Pet.

Partner Company Discounts

We operate with an open book policy; all discounts are your discounts. We ensure you have the direct access to all of the RNZYS partners and Sponsors of the Mastercard J Class World Championship 2021. From Rental Cars, Wines, Spirits, Hotels, Airlines we will be linking the vessel directly prior to arrival and throughout your stay.

Data and Local Sims? 

We can easily provide local unlimited 4G data covering the vessel whilst out cruising and multiple unlimited short-term calling plans.

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If you are wanting to rent out your property, or are looking to rent a property, during the 2021 America’s Cup period –

Please send you enquiry to Barfoot & Thompson

Stephen Dallow: sdallow@barfoot.co.nz