Superyachts heading to New Zealand for the 36th Americas Cup

Should you be considering coming to New Zealand with your Superyacht – Motoryacht or Sailyacht the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron – Home of the Americas Cup can assist you with all your requirements during your stay.

Berthage , Accommodation Ashore, Rental Cars, Local Knowledge, Visa’s and more…..

We have set up a dedicated email and Yacht Agent for your every requirement | Duthie Lidgard +6421409802

Frequently asked Questions:

Does my Owner , Guests or Crew need a visitor visa?

New Zealand has a Visa Waiver with many countries which gives many nationalities an immediate 3month Visitor E-Visa on arrival to Crew and Visitors, if you are not part of the Visa Waiver Countries or wanting to stay longer than 3 months then you will need to apply for a Visitor Visa. We do suggest apply for the visa up to 3 months prior to your arrival, please connect with should you have additional queries.

Do note New Zealand has a Superyacht Owner and Crew Visitor Visa available when applying online that is available.

What if my crew need to stay 12 months or Longer to cover the Americas Cup period?

No problem, we work with your crew and extend their Visa with immigration to cover the period they remain in New Zealand.  Crew can stay up to 24months, but for crew especially New Zealand Crew please ensure you understand and monitor your Non Resident Tax Status.

Visa Waiver Countries HERE

Can you Charter in New Zealand with your foreign registered Superyacht?

Yes, your Superyacht is able for Charter in New Zealand once a NZ Charter Permit is approved & received.  Under your vessels mixed-use Temporary Import (TIE) received on entry into New Zealand, you are allowed to Charter up to 65% of your stay in New Zealand Waters. Superyacht Support NZ team needs a minimum of 3 months to secure a Charter Licence for the Vessel so please make contact today as this process involves multiple parties.

The Charter will incur 15% Tax on the Charter Fee, it is to be paid to our local Inland Revenue (IRD) which will we will handle/mange all accounting processes on your behalf for seamless support.

How do I promote my Superyacht for Charter around the Americas Cup in New Zealand?

Please have your management company or Captain contact us to discuss options, we will need to know size of vessel, how many people it can take and the period your planning to be in New Zealand.  There are processes we need to ensure the vessel is eligible to charter before it can be promoted within the RNZYS networks around the Americas Cup.

We have corporate entities already on the RNZYS books seeking Charter Vessels for Prada and Americas Cup.

Please register your interest with us

Can I bring my Pet on the Superyacht?

Yes you can bring Pets into New Zealand on your Superyacht, there is a lengthy process and we suggest contacting us at least 9 months prior to arrival into New Zealand.

Pets certified for Emotional Support, they must go through the same process.

Are there any Superyacht Regatta’s in 2020 and 2021?

Yes there will be Superyacht Regattas from 31st December 2020 through to the Americas Cup Race 1 – 6th March 2021.

Superyacht Regatta Event Page HERE

J Class Event Page HERE

Email –

How can I book a berth for the 2020/2021 Summer covering Prada and Americas Cup?

Please email your expression of Interest immediately to and We will need to know LOA, GRT, Length of Stay and your Power Requirements.

The Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron and Superyacht Support NZ are working together to ensure no stone is unturned for your visit to New Zealand.   We welcome all Superyachts to New Zealand and will also be offering a Guest membership to the Owner / Captain for the duration of the vessels stay within New Zealand to enhance your New Zealand Experience.

Please make contact today

Viaduct and Silo Marina Info HERE

Superyachts 500 gross tonnage (GT) +

Visiting superyachts 500 Gross tonnes or more will need the services of a pilot when visiting ports in NZ. A pilotage exemption / accreditation can be attained for visiting Auckland. Contact Harbour Master:

Download/View Pilot Exemption Certificate (PEC) Training and Proficiency Plan pack HERE

Destination & Cruising New Zealand Book

The Destination & Cruising New Zealand book combines destination information, detailed up-to-date information of the regulatory requirements for vessels planning to visit New Zealand, as well as a directory of over 100 NZ Marine member companies which provide services and products to visiting superyachts.

For a full list of Superyacht agents and other marine businesses please click here HERE