Helly Hansen Three Kings Race: Start date and time delayed due to weather

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The start of the 2024 Helly Hansen Three Kings Race has officially been delayed due to the unfolding weather situation.

General Committee Member and Race Director Scott Wilson advised the new start date and time after the decision was made on Tuesday, 9th April.

“We’ve made the call to delay the start of the Helly Hansen Three Kings Race to Friday 12th April, with the new start time being 0900 hours,” said Wilson.

With the change in start time, the race briefing will now be held at 1800 hours on Thursday 11th April at RNZYS.

There are no other changes to the race, with the fleet still rounding the famous Three Kings Islands which mark the halfway point to the 500nm Category 2 race.

The delayed start was sparked by a weather event unfolding on Thursday morning and through the first night. With the fleet originally scheduled to start at 1500 hours on Thursday and given the northeasterly direction of the 30+ knots, having the fleet start in stressful conditions wasn’t doing the race or the competitors any favours.

“The safety of our fleet is paramount, so delaying the start should ensure a smooth yet exciting race,” continued Wilson.

17 boats are set to start at the new time of 0900 on Friday 12th April, with the bigger boats set to finish anytime from Sunday onwards. The weather routing for Brian Petersen’s TP52 V5 shows them finishing at approximately 0600 on Sunday the 14th April.

The fleet ranges in size from Ross 930s all the way up to TP52s and a Botin Carkeek 55.

Each boat will be fitted with a YB Tracker so land lubbers and supporters back home can watch the race unfold in real time. The tracker will be available on the race website – rnzys.org.nz/rnzys-events/three-kings-offshore-race

The major prize on offer is a $12,000 OMEGA Seamaster timepiece which will be awarded to the top placed RNZYS boat on PHRF overall. In addition to this fantastic prize, Helly Hansen also has a rack of prizes on offer which will be presented at the official prize giving ceremony at 1900 hours on Friday the 3rd of May at RNZYS.

For those racing, Helly Hansen has also provided social media contribution prizes. Competitors are encouraged to tag @rnzys and @hellyhansenanz to be eligible for these prizes. Alternatively, sailors can provide their content directly to the social media race contact via WhatsApp number +6421892004.


AKONGA Shorthanded 9407 Nick Roberts Dehler 41 
CLOCKWORK Fully Crewed NZ110011 Steve Mair Shaw 12 
EQUILIBRIUM Fully Crewed 9380 Graham Matthews Marten 55/Botin Carkeek 55 
FAVOURITE… Shorthanded 9023 Andrew Aitken Elliott 1350 
HOTDOGGER Shorthanded 4812 Sinisa Grujicic Ross 930 
INDIS Shorthanded 9877 Andrew Benton Sun Fast 3300 
MR KITE II Fully Crewed 16522 Nathan Williams Cape 40 
PERFECT STORM Fully Crewed 9565 Lori Tyrrell Stomp 38 
PLAYBUOY Shorthanded 136 Guy Pilkington Stewart 34 
10 RAGNAR Shorthanded 10082 Derek Kerr Sunfast 3300 
11 RUM BUCKET Fully Crewed NZL9674 Quintin Fowler More 55 
12 SERENA Fully Crewed 28538 Josh Adams T1150 
13 SHIMMER Shorthanded 4379 Ben Freedman Townson 34 
14 START ME UP Fully Crewed K4903 Peron Pearse Ross 930 
15 V5 Fully Crewed NZL55555 Brian Petersen Alan Andrews Tp 52 
16 VIXEN Fully Crewed NZLO76 James Tucker Verdier 40 
17 WIRED Fully Crewed NZL10303 Rob Bassett Tp52 Bakewell/White 
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